Simple Old-school webcam using iSightcapture and dropbox

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my shoulder and back for the last couple of weeks - mostly rugby related I think - and I’ve been seeing my osteopath to get it sorted. He suggested that I might be making things worse by the way I’m sitting at my desk. He’s probably right, I think I’m a chronic sloucher. His idea was to get someone at the office to keep an eye on me, or take photos of me every now and again…

Well I didn’t think that sounded too great, so I decided I could just use my macbook pro’s built in iSight to do the job - throw in isightcapture with a cron job and I have an image of how i’m sitting every 20 mins.

After doing that I couldn’t resist putting up a page with of me with the updated image, in the old-school webcam style. I’m just using dropbox to sync the image to my public folder as it seemed the simplest thing.